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Trenn-Biber Typ 012L          can be ordered directly under:

The Unbenannt-1.jpg012L saw appliance - patent pending - for 7 blade-guided cutting options turns your jigsaw into a
multi-functional precision tool
The new saw appliance for clean and angular sawing from Germany offers professional quality
for Bosch, Metabo, Festool, Fein Kress and all other major jigsaw brands.

- Stable, robust and durable metal design

- The multi-functional saw appliance for precise cutting including manually guided and fixed

   use of the jigsaw with 3 horizontal angular adjustments up to 50 and vertical adjustment up to 45 for

   clean and precise mitre cuts

- Machine guide for all jigsaw brands adjustable without clearance

- Cutting of up to 280 x 48 mm with clear millimetre and degree scales

 - Cutting height for 45 front face mitre cutting with a cutting width of up to 35 mm  

   and up to 210 mm for 45 front face cutting; cutting height for longitudinal cutting up to 37 mm

- Additional blade guides under the workpiece to ensure precise cutting

- Shifting of the workpiece for manually guided jigsaw cutting is prevented by the clamping bracket

- If the appliance is fixed, shifting of the workpiece is prevented by the retaining mechanism

   for parallel cutting with the manually guided workpiece 

- The retaining mechanism and screw fitting for the workpiece reduce any disturbing vibrations to a minimum

- Mitre adjustment for the stand of the jigsaw for guided mitre cutting in longitudinal direction

- High-precision mitre adjustment thanks to fixed 45 fitting for vertical mitre gutting and

   horizontal adjustment in steps of 5 (5 - 50)

- All available relief-ground and corrugated standard saw blades can be used with cutting direction upward 

   and downward